Friday, 7 November 2008


As promised......a blog!!

OK so this morning I left the house @ 9 am......It's now 10pm and i have JUST sat down!! This isn't good! But we promised a post so here it is!!! Well we have had a very busy day, I woke Kirby up @ the crack of dawn informing her that we had a meeting in the we checked a billion emails, made calls, street casted and then went for drinks with a new designer!

A fun day but I'm just oh so tired because we styled and art directed a shoot the day before which didn't finish until 9.30pm!!! The models were amazing and the shoot should look fly, we cant give the concept away but here's a few from the day......

Oh and giggs passed by the studios,

So as you can see it was another busy day for us! But we love it!


But Kirb did find time 2 photograph her beautiful trainers.....

We have also spent some serious time, wine and dinner catching up as Kirby has been travelling all over the States for the past 5 months, the last stop being the big apple. NEW YORK BABY!!!!

Anywho now she's back in the big LDN and there's no rest 4 the wicked......bruvs the ends need u!

OK people im off to catch up on some beauty sleep!!!!
Tomorrow its reading the fashion magazines for me and kirby has an audition......Good luck darlin!

Chlo x

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