Thursday, 6 November 2008

Where are our manners? We didn't even introduce ourselves!

We're a movement by ourselves...but we're a force when were together.

Alright guys? I'm Kirby, 1 half of Kirby and Chloe.

As I'm sure you'll see we can be descibed as 'a Jack of all Trades'. Actress, Presenter, fashion editor (The cut Magazine), and Model to name a few.

Keeping busy is what I do best, so keep checking us out to see what's really going on.....
Peace and Love.


Whats good guys? I'm half of Kirby and Chloe...... this blog is an insight into our busy schedules!!

The fashion editor of The cut magazine, a student @ The London College of Fashion, an actress awaiting her stage, Stylist, Journalist, Art Director and all that fun stuff!!!

Enjoy our blogs.....take care....and God bless.

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