Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ugh. What a day!

Yesterday I met, not 1 but 2 of the rudest bus drivers in the world...what bus? I hear you ask... The 205-Mile End to Paddington.
In the words of Monica, yesterday was "Just one of those days..." made that little bit worse by quite possibly the two meanest people in London. So, it went a little bit like this...
I left my house at 9.27 am, looking my most fabulous, (wearing the Adidas kicks in the top left hand corner)...

.....aiming to get to my casting at 10am. Ample time as the journey should only take 20 minutos. I do the usual 'quick march' to the bus stop (because every second counts). I saw the 205 down the road and I had time to put some extra dough on the old TRACKING DEVICE a.k.a my oyster card. O.K, so were all topped up, and I see the bus stopped down the road, "thats ok" I think he'll still stop at the bus stop...so I wait, like you do, at the bus stop. The bus drives up, my arm goes out...and..."umm really?????"The bastard didn't even stop. FUMING.

So that was the a.m. Its seems I didn't learn my lesson because in the p.m I opted to get the 205 back. This time the bus stops at the bus stop and I get on, all good. As I approach my stop I ring the bell"...hmm thats odd, I didn't hear a sound". I ring it again. "O.K thats 2 times , it'll stop" NOPE. Passed my stop, but it gets caught at the lights, so I bat my eyelids and ask the driver in my sweetest 'I'm sooooo silly, I just missed my stop' voice if he could let me off. "NO, IT IS ILLEGAL" He grunts back. Really?????Illegal?I really think thats an over statement. So I pass my stop, but theres no way i'm missing the next one, so I ring the bell...3 times like a school kid on the top deck..I get off, and drag myself up the hill, all the way home...then I cried. Ugh, what a day!

I know I'm not the only person with heinous tales of public transport...let me know yours, after all...'sharing is caring'.

Kirby x

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